Pamela Finch

Pamela Finch was born in 1943 in Derbyshire. She had a squint as a child and was a regular visitor to Sheffield Children’s Hospital as an outpatient for treatment.

Her experience of Royal Sussex County Hospital has been as a regular outpatient, as a visitor to the Sussex Eye Hospital every two months. She commends the excellent service and staff on each visit.

Pamela speaks about her condition, which is a macular occlusion, a blockage in her eye, which needs regular treatment. She talks about ‘floaters’ in her right eye and the treatment she has received.

She also speaks about having a liver scan at Amex Stadium, where they have equipment. And her various experiences of staff at the Eye Hospital, and giving birth at other hospitals in England.

Recorded on 24/08/2019, Brighton, UK

Oral history: Pamela Finch