Nicola Benge

Nicola Benge was born in Paddington, London in 1974. Her experience recalls being a first-time mum and giving birth at Royal Sussex County Hospital.

Nicola speaks about going into labour early, which started after doing pregnancy yoga. Following an evening of contractions, Nicola contacted the hospital to get checked. After four days of not progressing, she decided to go into hospital. She remembers arriving around 10pm at night and going into the birthing pool, the stars were out and music was on and everything felt like it was going to be okay.

A consultant decided a caesarean was necessary, which happened very quickly. Because her son was early, he was taken to the The Trevor Mann Baby Unit, and Nicola talks about staying in an ensuite room at the unit.

She also recalls being knocked off her bike and responding badly to anaesthetic. And talks about the generosity of the staff at Royal Sussex County Hospital.

Recorded on 28/08/2019, Brighton, UK

Oral history: Nicola Benge