Louise Wells

Photo of Louise Wells wearing a bright red jacket and top hat, which has a rainbow of 3D dots swirling around it.

Louise Wells was born in 1975, Dumfries, South West of Scotland. She has lived in Brighton since 2007. Louise talks about her experience of treatment following a spontaneous cerebrospinal fluid leak in 2015, both at Hurstwood Park and Royal Sussex County Hospital.

She recalls the different investigations that took place, including MRI and CT scans, and treatments including anti-clotting injections, which felt like bee stings.

While receiving treatment, patients were moved from the Neurology Inpatients Unit from Hurstwood Park to Royal Sussex County Hospital (RSCH). She says she was sad to leave Hurstwood Park because it felt much more like home, more private and you felt more like an individual.

She recalls the porters at the RSCH being humorous. Having a lot of banter. She says this took her mind off being the focus of attention, which was a welcome relief.

Recorded on 19/07/2019 in Brighton, UK.