Intensive Care Unit at Royal Sussex County Hospital, 1980

An image of Intensive Care in Thomas Kemp Tower from 1980. Thomas Kemp Tower was built in the 1960s, greatly increasing the hospital’s capacity. The structure towers over the original 19th century buildings, adding density and scale to the hospital’s development. 

The 1980s saw the first influx of patients into ICU with HIV, which was affecting and taking the lives of many young men in Brighton. In the 1980s, HIV infection had a high morbidity, sometimes leading to admission to ICU with very poor survival. Due to this, there was an early perception that admission to ICU was associated with a poor outcome for those with HIV infection.

Since the 1980s and into the 21st century, Royal Sussex County Hospital has pioneered care and treatment for people with HIV, developing an international reputation for care and research, becoming a leading centre for HIV care in the UK. 

Image courtesy of Brighton & Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust.