Helen Brownstone

Photo of Helen Brownstone wearing a bright red jumper and glasses.

Helen Brownstone was born in London in 1946. She became a volunteer at Royal Sussex County Hospital (RSCH) in 2005 following an operation and invitation to become a voluntary panel consultant.

Helen starts by talking about her experience as an outpatient of the Gastric Diseases unit in the Millenium Building at RSCH in 2005.

She talks about her work as a volunteer, how she helped support other patients with gastrointestinal diseases, training she received, and her work as an ‘expert patient tutor’, which she did for 10 years.

Helen remembers that in approximately 2009, the Intestinal Bowel Disease patient group was invited to work on the 3Ts project to give ‘patient friendly’ advice regarding hospital services, from patients themselves, in order to improve provision in the new hospital.

Recorded on 11/11/2019 in Brighton, UK.

Oral history: Helen Brownstone