Daniel Locke

Photo of Daniel Locke sitting with arms crossed wearing a long-sleeved black shirt.

Daniel talks about his career, about his interest in engaging with patients and staff of the hospital, and more widely in his work, with scientists, to stimulate work he makes and communicate that work.

He recalls being a patient in A&E in 2019, suffering from a severe allergic reaction following being stung by a wasp. He talks about being monitored for four hours for anaphylactic shock, which can be fatal. He was treated with antihistamines and steroids, and has to now carry an epi pen. The experience has made him appreciate how important the hospital is and says how grateful he feels for it.

Daniel talks more about his experience of making the Crucible mural, speaking to staff and patients about their experiences, including the great storm in 1987, childbirth and the deaths of loved ones.

He speaks about how he feels the hospital is the history of Brighton as well. And finds it difficult to decide what should and shouldn’t be included in the mural.

Recorded on 11/12/2019 in Brighton, UK.

Oral history: Daniel Locke