Betty Field

Photo of Betty Field wearing a blue knit cardigan, head resting lightly on hand.

Betty Field was born in Brighton in 1932. Betty says her earliest memory of Royal Sussex County Hospital was going to the Barry Building as a four-year-old with her grandmother who had fractured her skull.

She recalls visiting the hospital at the time of the D Day landings with her father to try and find a young Canadian airman who was a friend of the family. She remembers seeing wounded men lying on the floor of the hospital with blood and gore, aged eight-years-old.

Other memories include taking her sons to hospital after accidents in 1957, being confined to hospital with pre-eclampsia and kidney infections, giving birth, making her own yellow silk nightgowns and hysterectomy.

Recorded on 05/11/2019 in Brighton, UK.

Oral history: Betty Field